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2004 land rover discovery repair manual pdf

2004 land rover discovery repair manual pdf

In most cases YES Yet for every one owner complaint on this web site there are probably 25 that have little of no trouble with there product.
Bounces alot, but no problems.WE FIX IT ourselves!As for the control modules many will be Bosch products, does that mean all Bosch products are rubbish ( dont do any DIY work then your cord drill may well be a Bosch item or have bosch components.) If the control modules are.Shipping Schedule: Typically ships in 7 to 9 business days 630.87, model RND571, shipping Schedule: Typically ships in 7-9 business days.We feel that the product is fantastic in theory, but the practicalities of owning the car make the purchase of a Land Rover Discover a really bad and costly mistake, please feel free to comment on current articles, and add your own.This thing runs like a horse and is fun to drive while looking classy.Get Acrobat Reader for free here:, specialists in Land Rover Parts Accessories Since 1970.As for servicing and repairs for Land Rovers out of warrenty Find a local or non local garage the has good reputation and mechanics to match that understand your particular model of Land Rover, They should recognize faults just from what your describing over the.Ping, ping, ping all the way down car and driver israel tripadvisor the freeway and through the bush in Mozambique.In addition, I usually get 70,000 kms on a set of brakes, 31,000 kms and required replacement.Please note all of the comments of this website and blog are of the individual opinions of the authors, and the owners of the website are not responsible for these in any way.
Detailed, exploded Discovery I parts drawings for technical reference!
Mankind will never tell the good/positive things he/she has encountered, yet will get their knickers in a twist, boxers wrapped around balls and all when a product goes even just a little wrong.
Water pipes bursting, (vehicle was NEW!) oil pump blowing, christmas tree lights alway flashing on, on the dash.Alot of the comments I would regard as driver/owner error Leaking sunroofs will eventually kill one of the control modules.I love my Land Rover, but will never ever take it to a dealer.TD5 Dream In Africa, hi all, came across this website by chance looking for Land Rover Head Office.You want a problem free Landy, do not send it to them for anything, I thought it was only in SA that we had the bad workmanship.I am at a loss as why you did not listen to your friend, LR Dealer, what more of an informant would you need, don't buy he said, buy something else he said but you didn't take the hint, thats what friends ARE FOR, for.We also feel that it should be bought to everybodys attention that Land Rover do not want to honour their warranty obligations, and fabricate lies to avoid paying out for genuine repairs, (please read the article "Battery Transmission" for further details).Then theres the boofheads who say, I'ma Ford man, I'ma Toyota man, I'ma LR man and it doesn't matter if you tell them the cars crap, they won't listen, just pig-headed will not listen to facts or figures, they know better than others brands, because.(no workshops / spares there).