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Can you crack a diamond by dropping it

can you crack a diamond by dropping it

A different result may suffice if they contained any shipment, especially heavy ones like electronics or "anvils." Liquid Lock Pick edit Fans requested having this myth tested after the original Liquid Nitrogen myths were shown in the Hurricane Windows episode.
The stones are already cut and manufactured its a step above a mine, he added.
Double Dipping edit Episode 117 "YouTube Special" edit Original air date: April 29, 2009 Adam, Jamie, and the Build Team tested three myths drawn from videos seen on.
The cast of the television series.If you're holding a hair dryer and you're soaking wet, your body may very well be the best path from the dryer to ground.Busted, Plausible, or Confirmed ).This was trial and error.The vehicles that were demolished during the episode all received an end credit in the form of an in memoriam (spelled in memorium on screen).The block of pseudo-pykrete would not break, even when slammed down from the same height.According to Tory, this "complete set" appears to have set a first on MythBusters, where three myths were tested simultaneously with one Confirmed, one Plausible, and the other Busted.Getty, you're no fun anymore, gasoline.4 Blocks of ice and regular pykrete were placed on nails against a board at room temperature.
Rain" edit Original air date: June 17, 2009 Driving in the Rain in a Convertible edit Popcorn Pandemonium edit The Build Team tested various myths involving popcorn.
MythBusters perform experiments to verify or debunk urban legends, old wives' tales, and the like.Why are rain clouds grey and normal clouds white if they're both made up of water?Or light the trail of fuel left by a leaking jet on take-off, and watch it turn into a nice fireball (we're looking at you, Die Hard II ).But getting it to explode takes real effort.They tested whether or not duct tape can.Onlookers were amazed at the urban prospector.Once I found one piece, I thought there has to be many more.Dirty Car" edit Original air date: October 21, 2009 Adam and Jamie test whether a dirty car adblock pro v2 6 incl keymaker dvt gets better gas mileage than an equivalent clean car, while the Build Team test an old adage concerning beer, liquor, and hangovers.Comments, how do we still have radioactive particles on earth despite the short length of their half lives and the relatively long time they have been on earth?Floss to Freedom edit Cannonball Escape edit Episode 123 "Curving Bullet" edit Original air date: June 10, 2009 Sonic Boom Sound-off edit To help test this myth, the MythBusters enlisted the aid of the Blue Angels and their F/A-18 Hornets.