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Drunk driver card drinking game

drunk driver card drinking game

Ok, before you blow a pipe, Drunk Driver Drinking Game requires no *real* driving.
Advance to the emedia card designer crack key keygen Next Card in line.
Kama Sutra 3-in-1 Mega Sexy Games Bundle!Method 3: Instead of a being a static Strip card, make Aces a "Drink, Strip, or Add" card.For Drinking Games your guests are sure to enjoy, choose the one you think is best, or play both versions.Flip a card over from the bottom (i.e.Anyway, he had fun that night and we hope you do as well.We recommend 2 other versions of this game.If the drunk driver flips a face card they will be penalized in line with the Special Card rules below as well as drink.
4th stack from the left4 drinks; 2nd stack2 drinks, etc.).
To begin play, one person has to decide to be the driver and one the dealer.
Roles in the Game.This game definitely brings new meaning to "the the war with the mein pdf more, the merrier." Bottoms up, and enjoy!(Version 3) for 3 people solo Drinking Game: Drunk Driver!Dealer adds 4 cards to the end of the line As an option for exceptionally heavy drinkers: You can double the number of drinks, or double the number of cards, or even both.Dealer adds 3 cards to the end of the line Ace 2 Drinks!How to Play, drunk Driver is a game that requires only a deck of cards, two people and a ready supply of your favourite beverage.If the card is a 2 through 9 then the card is safe and the driver turns over the next card.Note: you decide the number of cards depending on whether you players are light drinkers (5 cards) or heavy drinkers (7 cards).The Player starts by flipping the first card on 1 end of the line.Game Type: Card, d Supplies: 4 or more people, a deck of cards (2 or more makes the game better).