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Episode full futurama meanwhile

episode full futurama meanwhile

Fry and Leela's list edit These appear to be locations for Fry and Leela to have sex.
When the Mecha-Hexadecapus malfunctions and Leela breaks a hole in the dome, Craterface flies up and stops up the dome a reference to the moon replicated in the Holo-Shed doing the same when the Nimbus blows a hole in its hull in " Kif Gets.
Bender tells Fry that he told Leela that he loved her "like 140 times".
If namebench for windows xp games time was actually frozen, anything would stop moving when Fry or Leela stopped applying a force to it and objects wouldn't fall.All-new episode of "Futurama" aired August 14, 2013 on Comedy Central.A distraught Leela uses the time button to send him back into the sky but the professor is seemingly killed at the same instant, having being inside of the shelter, less than 10 seconds prior to the button press meant his chronitons were scattered, because.Zack Handlen, writing for The.V.Retrieved 5 September 2013.It's possible that since his remains were in the time bubble, he remembers.The 102nd floor is the top floor of the Empire State Building, at 1250 feet.16 The episode's plot is reminiscent of that of the Stargate SG-1 series finale " Unending ".The crew delivers Edvard Munch 's The Scream painting.This may be a reference to French illusionist Georges Méliès ' 1902 silent film A Trip to the Moon, where the space-ship crashes into the moon's eye.
Maybe the numeration of floors in the building doesn't start with 1, or the first floor is located underground.
A mysterious glimmer bothers them from time to time, but otherwise, they are very happy.This is also a reference to how Captain Picard frequently orders "Tea, Earl Grey, hot" from the ship 's replicators in Star Trek: The Next Generation.Fry takes the button and uses it to repeatedly steal candidate diamonds for an engagement ring.In 2012, Futurama writer Eric Rogers made two revelations concerning the episode.More Info: Episode #722 Leela and the Genestalk.It has just about everything you could want from Futurama : there's a nifty time-travel plot, Fry and Leela get married, Bender is a jackass, Zoidberg loses 10, and Fry dies".Leela uses the button over and again to hear what happened with Fry, who suffers death after death, learning a little each time.This may be a reference to " Roswell that Ends Well in which the professor orders Soylent coleslaw.