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Lcd tv screen cracked can you fix

lcd tv screen cracked can you fix

The entire screen is blank.
Repairing a Broken Flat Screen TV If you are going to be repairing a flat screen TV there are certain problems you may encounter.
If you have some advice to repair a broken flat screen TV or monitor, please help out our other readers with the same TV problems and leave a comment or a helpful tip below.I then made a fist, put slight but consistent pressure ( you of antispyware 2008 xp keygen torrent course don't want to crack the screen ) on the screen above the cloud and "pushed" the cloud toward the bottom of the screen as if it were an air bubble.I have looked all over eBay to find a similar model with a good screen but no luck.Image on the entire LCD screen is garbled.Determining which part that may be bad inside your TV may be difficult.A laptop LCD cable also known as video cable, display cable or screen cable.The bottom part of the cable could be found either under the keyboard or keyboard bezel.Logically what you propose may work, front panel (different model) tcon board (for that model lcd) aslong as the lvds ribbon from the main board is compatible with the tcon board you are good, except the main board may have a different cable layout.In order to remove and replace the LCD cable, it will be necessary to disassemble the whole laptop.There are many circuit boards and wiring harnesses inside your flat panel.
If not directly, is it possible by replacing the tcon board along with the panel and if other boards need to be replaced as well, just want to check the feasibility.This cable transfers data signal from the motherboard and video card to the LCD screen.See below for some ways to possibly fix this without having to buy.Is it possible to replace this with a screen from another TV/brand?On the picture you can see a typical laptop video cable.