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Manual de construccion cementos apasco

manual de construccion cementos apasco

2 is known as a preheater or precalciner kiln system and is considerably shorter that the rotary kiln 12 of FIG.
Flakes, the inventors herein have found that it is not necessary to grind and reduce the particle size.Since the feed end of the kiln is at a relatively low temperature when compared to the heat end of the kiln, and since the temperature increases from the feed end to the heat end, the hydrocarbons associated with the mill scale are volatilized near.However, in zeitgeist moving forward greek subs the prior art, it typically is mixed with the other feedstock materials and ground with them.However, the mill scale is introduced into the feed end of the rotary kiln separately from the feedstock material and in a substantially uniform manner such that cement clinker of a substantially uniform quality can be obtained.However, the various components, and in particular the mill scale, probably because of its particle size and bulk density of at least 125 ft3., which is a greater density than any of the feed stock components presently used, have a tendency to segregate.The kiln 12 has a feed-end 16 and a heat source-end or burning zone.In such attempts, the mill scale 44 is fed to a grinder/blender 26 (shown as one unit for simplicity; however, they may be separate units) where it is attempted to be ground to a fine state along with the feedstock material and then blended with.The present invention provides a process for using mill scale in the production of quality cement clinker without the creation of polluting by-products from any hydrocarbons associated with the mill scale.Thus, in commonly assigned.S.
It is also an object of the present invention to keep the mill scale separate from the blended feedstock as the feedstock is coupled or fed into combustion areas so that any hydrocarbons associated with the mill scale will not only be volatilized but also.
Thus, it is an object of the present invention to utilize mill scale in the production of cement clinker in a rotary kiln system containing preheating and/or calcining equipment.
Some States, such as California, using emission restrictions, effectively restrict the use of mill scale in the making of cement clinker in rotary kiln systems because any hydrocarbons that may be associated with the mill scale are not destroyed.While the invention has been disclosed in conjunction with a preferred embodiment, it is not intended to limit the scope of the invention to the particular form set forth but, on the contrary, it is intended to cover such alternatives, modifications, and equivalents.In still another embodiment of the invention, a more uniform quality cement clinker is obtained even though the hydrocarbons are only volatilized but not burned in the feed end of the rotary kiln because the temperature profile of the rotary kiln is not sufficient.Secondly, any volatile hydrocarbons associated with the mill scale are used as fuel filemaker pro cracked version in the production process and are destroyed.Thus, the genius of the present invention, in one preferred embodiment, is to preheat and calcine the normal ground and blended feedstock material in a separate structure instead of within the rotating kiln and by separately adding the mill scale with any associated hydrocarbons.Therefore, the cement clinker manufacturers, to keep operating have to purchase and use iron ore to mix with the other feedstock materials.It is also an object of the invention to utilize mill scale in the process of cement clinker manufacture without any additional production of harmful or unwanted pollutants.There the volatized hydrocarbons (a fuel) are converted to H2O and CO2 as products of combustion replacing proportional amounts of the primary fuel of the calciner, thus economizing the amount of fuel (such as coal) that must be used in the calciner.Further, in the prior art process, as far as is known, when the mill scale is attempted to be used in making cement clinkers, it is first finely ground with the other feed stock materials.