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Manual for ryobi drum sander paper

manual for ryobi drum sander paper

Yes you can put a 40 grit on it and rough up some small cheat codes for lego batman 2 wii all vehicles areas, but if you plan on sanding your wood floors by hand with this sander then you had better clear your calendar.
I guess it's back to the RO till I feel like ruining the last piece of Velcro I have.
Be sure you pull the paper tight as you attach to the drum.My old sander self regulated the speed when the motor was fully loaded, and I'm not trying to push it much harder than I used to push the JET that had.75HP.Never press it hard against the surface.Sold it and got a Woodmaster to save space, but every time I try to use the drum sander, it ends in disappointment and going back to a hand sander.Taking third place, the palm sander.And yes, it still requires a touch of hand sanding, but not a lot.I think my problem lies mainly in the Velcro.Orbital sanding is much faster, but straight-line (back and forth) sanding gives the finest and smoothest finish when you move it parallel to the grain.The wood will soak and darken and the varnish wont.
5HP should be enough to remove 6" x 1/32 at a decent speed, right?
If I had to sand a floor by hand, this would be my tool of choice, without a doubt.
You dont want to be caught short There are some hand sanding tools that will have you sanding even a small area, for an eternity!When ready to shut the machine off, arc it up and away from the work surface first.From contributor A: Inadequate drum sander dust collection can cause overheating, which can cause delamination of components, as well as other problems, including belt stretching, dust loading, burning, etc.From contributor B: This may not be an option, and I know it won't fix your immediate problem, but based on experience, I would suggest you start saving for a belt sander.150g can only remove about.005" on a widebelt.