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Manual penetration while doing thunkspots

manual penetration while doing thunkspots

The clitoris is homologous to the penis, meaning that they originate from the same tissue.
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External Female Anatomy, externally you find the clitoral hood or prepuce, which covers the shaft of the clitoris and in full or part the head or glans.He estimated that the length of the average adult clitoris from the tip of the glans to the ends of the crura is about 4 inches, with all except the glans located inside the body.Robert Latou Dickinson - "Human Sex Anatomy".The outer sides of the labia majora are covered with pubic hair, while the inner sides are smooth and contain sweat and oil glands.Up until about 12 weeks of fetal development the genital tubercle is undifferentiated.Genres: Sexual tutorial, sexual guide, orgasm, masturbation.Everything you will see here is reliable, repeteable and recordable.Author: fetishxl from, 07:13, Views: 5, release Year: 2009, studio: passware password recovery keygen Cinefacts.