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No manual entry for git

no manual entry for git

With it, you can push, pull, commit, and crack visual studio 2010 professional trial more without ever leaving TextMate.
Youre probably using a very crude VCS right now to keep your files straight.This option produces output similar to that of a head moving forward which is listed with -allchanges.Team members check files out, make changes, and then check them back in (or commit them).users file This is only for installations using gitolite XXX, for which the default sender address for all mails would normally be the gitolite user account name of the person doing the push.M Shortcut for -move -force.I just had one, so I deleted.All of these actions can be done easily through the Terminal window, but Im a visual kind of girl.f, -force Reset branchname to startpoint if branchname exists already.I still push and pull through Terminal, but GitX makes it easy for me to organize my commits and wrap my head around what Im doing.If you do a little Googling youll see that there are quite a few options out there including SVN, Mercurial, CVS, Bazaar and Git.debug Runs the script in debug mode, which means that it will (1) log more verbosely and to stderr, and (2) run git-notifier with the -debug and -noupdate options.
Delete an unneeded branch git clone git:t t cd t git branch -d -r origin/todo origin/html origin/man (1) git branch -D test (2).
Default is the user doing the update (if gitolite is used, that's the gitolite acccount doing the push, not the system account running git-notifier.) -updateonly Does not send out any mail notifications but still updates the index.A few things: Everything is local, so you can work offline There is no single point of failure.Format-patch, request-pull, and merge (if enabled).The "delete" subcommand deletes single entries from the reflog.For example, to set a recipient address, do git config ilinglist : git-notifier looks for a configuration file in three places, in this order: A configuration file can be specified on the command line through -config path.Unless youre a one person web shop with no team to collaborate with, youve experienced the frustration that goes along with file sharing.By default, all branches are included.The basic installation is simple: just run the script from hooks/post-receive, as in: #!/bin/sh /full/path/to/git-notifier.See also the prune subcommand of git-remote(1) for a way to clean up all obsolete remote-tracking branches.If neither of these is given, git-notifier looks for a file nf in the same directory that the script itself is located.