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Red alert 1 vista patch

red alert 1 vista patch

Fix Westwood Chat There was a major problem with cnc-ddraw and wchat.
Using Westwood Online (the Internet button) crashed the game when it tried to use some ddraw methods I did not have implemented.
Wrote the first version in a week or so, got RA running really swell.
Dll in the game folder and on first run it will automagically create i using the following default settings (Wine users: add audigy 2 zs platinum pro manual ddraw to dll overrides!The latest build includes these features: fix window size bug when playing on Wine and using a custom height resolution use npot textures if the surface size exceeds 1024x1024 alison's wonderland alison tyler.pdf (for upcoming.06c r2 release) add support for video scaling (best results with.06c r2).False alarm, the fix only works in the menu, in-game still loses the cursor.For both C C and RA to work properly, you need to set "Back buffer in Video memory" ON and "Allow hardware filled blits" OFF in "Hardware Options" using ccsetup.This was reverted in the current version.Support for minimize/close buttons allow disabling mouse hacks (useful for some other games not officially supported) unlock hotkey code simplified and corrected, should release now only when both keys are pressed fix alt-tab from fullscreen, now restores the original display resolution mouse cursor optimizations, should.Pro vechny platformy nabízíme recenze, preview, videorecenze i pravidelné novinky.Now stop asking me for this!It will save them in the game directory.C C95 support came along.Seems there is an unimplemented method, hmm.
On another note a freezing bug was fixed which oddly happened only on Windows 7 when minimizing.
To lock your cursor inside the window, click.Doesn't work too well with windowed mode.The game has a bug in it, fuuuck!Optimized Carmageddon support - Possible missing cursor fix for RA!Regressions There was a regression that made RA not work with CnCNet when using cnc-ddraw.