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Social security analyzer for advisors

social security analyzer for advisors

Benefit at FRA, Social Security Administration, pension from employment with a federal, state or local government agency.
Notably, there is a significant cost difference amongst these Social Security calculator and analysis tools as well.Do you use any time tracking software, either separate from your CRM, or integrated into it?Notably, this solution is also available directly to consumers as a Social Security calculator aptly called.If you ever wanted to get a sense of how much time you may be researching ideas while you web surf, RescueTime can get you some perspective.Franklin Templeton does not provide legal or tax advice.On the website, individuals can also find financial planners in their area who are both familiar with Social Security claiming strategies and who lease the software.SS Analyzer has several pricing tiers, and will run 300/year for the basic version but 650/year for the Plus option that includes showing how results vary by life expectancy (essential for doing a proper analysis!) and 1,000/year for the premium version that includes a Monte.This tool will help your clients develop a strategy for maximizing their benefits.
It should not be considered or relied upon as legal, tax or investment advice or an investment recommendation, or as a substitute for legal or tax counsel.
According to a recent survey conducted by, social Security Timing, a financial planning firm that helps people determine optimal Social Security claiming strategies, 77 percent of survey respondents expect to receive advice from.In terms of which is better between SS Analyzer and Social Security Timing, both have been adding features so regularly for the past several years, that I find they have tended to stay fairly close to each other, and which is best varies over perhaps some of our readers here will share their own thoughts and feedback about what theyre using to do time tracking for clients, what works, and what doesnt!Ultimately, though, I will admit that this isnt an area in which Ive spent a ton of time myself (no pun intended!And its still reportedly a fairly manual process.Your clients should read the prospectus carefully they invest or send money.For most client situations, though, the other two platforms are more than ample, and do a much better job of visually illustrating the results, and modeling various scenarios and options for clients to consider.Generally, the more complicated the financial situation, the worse these freebies performed.Advisor Tools, main Topics, additional Topics.Stay tuned for my next post that reports on the results from my test drive.