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Sokkia set 310 total station manual

sokkia set 310 total station manual

This is distinct from left and right referencing for stakeout which refers to movement of the rod. .
The gun will control prism offset in non-prism modes.
The Sokkia Series 30R is reflectorless.The following information describes the various options available for the Sokkia Set total stations.EDM Mode: Available methods are rapid and fine.The On key is the upper right, which takes you to the Measure screen 2001 honda xr50 owners manual where it is ready to work with SurvCE. .The Settings options for the 110M are shown below: Joystick speeds are 1 to 6 (for arrow key response turning gun). .Target Offset: Enter the prism offset here.For reference 6 is approximately 6 degrees per arrow press. .Left and right will be determined by the Run Remotely setting.The driver applies to all current Sokkia total stations, including the 110M when used in manual mode. .For example, 4media dvd ripper mac crack in stakeout, it will turn to the point automatically. .Most important, for stakeout, the 2-way setting will upload the angle to turn, so that you turn to zero to get on target. .
When stakeout is completed, the horizontal angle is set back to the original value.
Note that baud rates on the 110M must be set to 9600 in remote mode but are typically set to 1200 baud in direct mode. .
The 2-Way option has the one big advantage of sending the angle to turn into the instrument during stakeout, so that looking at the instrument panel, you turn to zero to aim at the target point.The wide views are 6 times field of view. .Change on the instrument and in SurvCE, Equip, Com Setup.Commands would not be accepted, for example, if you were in the Config screen. .This option only applies to Sokkia total stations or to total stations such as Nikon which have a Sokkia emulation mode.The motorized features will turn to the appropriate horizontal and vertical angle in most commands when the 110M is set to Remote mode.Auto Search before Read finds the prism center exactly before taking a measurement (useful in Set Collection, for example, and in Stakeout). .It is recommended that Nikon instruments be run in Sokkia Set emulation mode, enabling the 2-Way communication.For the Sokkia 110M with Remotocatcher, there are 2 buttons in the joystick screen for RC Search: RC Left and RC Right. .