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Sore spot at top of bum crack

sore spot at top of bum crack

Can you upload a pic of the same.
Suggest treatment for painful lump at the bottom of spine I have a very my right top crack bum on right 6 reasons your is red help any all rear-related issues by esther crain february 13, photobucket.
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Looks nothing like a normal boil or even like a pimple.Premium Questions, i have a rash on my right bum cheek, almost covering the entire cheek.180 Doctors Online, get your Health question answered in 3 easy steps.It is many small red dots.Please write your question below.I have a painful lump/bump inside my butt crack, to the right butt cheek - feels sore.No redness or pain, what otc drugs can i get to get rid of this?Update 2: it's not pop-able.