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Suzuki boulevard s83 service manual

suzuki boulevard s83 service manual

The gauge must read full scale 70 PSI.
Variable resistor in sender is shorted to ground.Suzuki CP50 CP 50 Illustrated Online Parts Diagram Schematics.Suzuki DL650 V-Strom DL 650 Service Specifications Manual.53.47-55.3.9-50.7 mm Piston.Check for 12 vdc between pins 1 and 3 at connector 115A.33-42 kg @.45-46.9 mm 17-22 kg @.1-42.8 mm Open 183-207 lbs @.282-1.378.MM Fit in cylinder.0006-0.0017.015-0.043 Ring end gap: Top compression ring 2nd compression ring Oil control ring.010-0.020.014-0.024.010-0.050.25-0.51.36-0.61.25-1.27 Ring side clearance: Top compression ring 2nd compression ring Oil control ring.0012-0.0037.0012-0.0037.0031-0.0091.030-0.094.030-0.094.079-0.23 Piston pin fit.Instruments home Voltmeter Problem: Meter inoperative.Besides toggling between the odometer and trip odometer displays, the reset switch is also used to identify the speedometer pulses per unit and to enter the diagnostic mode.With switch turned to OFF, check ground terminal for continuity to ground.
MM Runout (flywheels at rim).000-0.010.0-0.25 Runout (shaft at flywheel).000-0.002.0-0.05 End play.001-0.005.03-0.13 Sprocket Shaft (Timken) Bearing.
If ground terminal is not grounded, refer to wiring diagram and repeat procedure given for 12 vdc lead.Note 12V when active Indicator Lights Connector 21 Terminal Wire Color Indicator 1 Violet Left Turn 2 White High Beam 3 Green/Yellow Oil Pressure 4 Brown Right Turn 5 Tan Neutral 6 Orange Neutral/Oil Pressure 7 akira awm 155 pdf manual Black Right/Left Turn/High Beam 8 Not Used Not Used.Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom DL 1000 Illustrated Parts List Diagram Manual.Transmission Lubricant Semi-Synthetic Transmission Lubricant, Part Nos.The trip odometer can display five numbers for a maximum of 9999.9 miles.Silicone Brake Fluid.O.T.MM Shaft fit in bushing (loose).0005-0.0020.013-0.051 End clearance.003-0.013.08-0.033 Bushing fit in rocker arm (tight).002-0.004.051-0.102 Rocker Arm Shaft.Replace gauge if voltage is present.Suzuki DR350 DR 350 Workshop Service Repair Manual.