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Ufos and the national security state volume 1 pdf

ufos and the national security state volume 1 pdf

Wealth Since the 1940s, the.S.
Previously classified documents released through the Freedom of Information Act The Freedom of Information Act was a completely unforseen development to those involved in UFO secrecy during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.
But far from being angelic, they regard humans as their property and the Earth as an exploitable resource (somewhat like multinational corporations is there a connection?).Sources AND documentation Bodies need bones; history needs facts.We are fortunate in having a transcription of a discourse delivered by Hatonn, through a human channel, taped April 23, 1988.The waters of UFO research are deep, and I have tried not to lose my footing.If we can fl studio 8.0 2 crack no survey plausibly imagine ourselves finding another planet with features similar to our own, and send an intelligent probe there, how likely is it that someone else has already done the same to us?They are too theoretical.See, the Gods of Eden for a review and synopsis.Some will dismiss this all as " conspiracy theory one of many dotting the American landscape.11 Although apro files are unavailable, much of the organizations work was published in the many books of its founders, Jim and Coral Lorenzen.UFO skeptics often ask, "do you really think the government could hide something like this for so long?" The question itself reflects a basic misunderstanding about the nature of the national security state: that secrecy is a way of life.
Many Blue Book cases were distilled by two individuals who based their books on them: Captain Edward Ruppelt, who headed Blue Book in the early 1950s, and Air Force consultant Allen Hynek.
5 The works of Noam Chomsky are especially relevant, in particular Necessary Illusions and Manufacturing Consent.
As a result of seven years of intensive research, William Bramley has uncovered the sinister thread that links humanity's darkest events - from the wars of the ancient pharaohs to the assassination of JFK.In all cases, I have tried to keep the non-UFO-specific passages as succinct as possible.But all societies have their many and their few.Two CIA officers in adjoining rooms at the Langley Headquarters can be involved in completely different top secret activities, each completely ignorant of the others doings.He says: There are few subjects today as full of false information, deceit, and madness as "flying saucers." Many earnest people who attempt to study the subject are driven around in circles by a terrific amount of dishonesty from a small number of people who.Those who criticized the Air Forces statements about UFOs - and there were many such people - frequently asked, if saucers posed no threat to national security, and existed only in the imagination, why did the Air Force create.Granted that the bottom 80 percent must be controlled, pacified, and made compliant: how can the few control the many in a way that preserves the veneer of a free society?They presume that we can somehow think for them and imagine what their civilization can be like.And need one ask whether, in such a society, the concepts of self-government, republicanism, or "rule of the people" can have any real meaning?